Add Japanese Management Strategies to Your Small Business

Continuous process improvement is a strategy employed by businesses to improve their product lines, make their processes more efficient and to improve customer satisfaction. Small businesses can employ continuous process improvements to quickly improve their businesses on an ongoing basis.

There is a term in the Japanese language called Kaizen, which means change for the better or improvement. The concept is fairly simple. Look at your products and processes on a daily basis and figure out what small steps you can take to make them better. The Japanese employed this strategy to improve the quality of their products and transition Japan into the industrial power it is today. Small business owners can use this same strategy to improve the quality of their products and grow their business.

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The key to continuous process improvements is to take small steps everyday. Every business wants to do that one hugh thing that will excel their business to prominents. However, the real key to success is to put together a string of small improvements that will over time significantly improve their business.

Japanese business management strategy.

Here are some practical ways a small business can employ the continuous process improvement strategy:

  1. Take 10-minutes a day to brainstorm new business ideas. Try to be creative during this exercise and think outside the box. Consider brainstorming with a group of people so that you can get the best ideas on the table.
  2. Create a quality improvement czar within your company that has the responsibility of identifying and managing continuous process improvements.
  3. Focus on making small improvements on a daily basis. These small improvements will often lead to larger improvements over time.
  4. Stick to your continuous process improvements even if you do not see any immediate results. It may take time for the results to show, so be patient.
  5. Set up a continuous process improvement team for each major functional area and have them develop and implement new process improvement ideas.
  6. Monitor your new processes on a regular basis and make adjustments when necessary.

Where can a small business find help in improving their business processes? There are many small business consultants that can assist in helping small businesses improve their performance. There is also a software program called Business Growth Expert that can help small businesses improve their performance. The software provides targeted business strategies and includes a daily process of reviewing business results, brainstorming new business ideas and documenting ongoing business activities. To get more information about Business Growth Expert, visit South Beach Software at:

The fate of the entire country of Japan was changed for the better by their businesses employing the concept of continuous process improvements. Small businesses can also change their fate using this simple but powerful concept. Businesses that focus on improving their products and processes on a daily basis can grow their revenue, improve customer service and increase profitability. Use these strategies to implement a continuous process improvement program for your small business today.