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How to Start Advertising for Free in Blackwell, Oklahoma

When starting out as a small business owner, finances can be tight. Advertising is a necessity, especially if you want your business to expand. However, advertising is generally expensive when it is gone about in the traditional methods. There is hope though! There are ways that you can advertise for free, even in a small town like Blackwell, Oklahoma.

One of the best methods of free advertising that can reach the highest volume of people is craigslist. Most people are familiar with craigslist, and it is always free to list. Since Blackwell doesn’t have a craigslist of their own, you have the option of choosing from any of the surrounding metropolitan areas such as Oklahoma City, Stillwater, or Tulsa.

Advertise your business free online.

Another method of free advertising in Blackwell is to hang up signs at the local gas stations and grocery stores. In larger towns, this might not be allowed. However, in Blackwell, you can usually find signs at nearly every store in town advertising things for sale, services available, small business promotions, and local events.

A unique method of free advertising in Blackwell, Oklahoma is word of mouth. Due to the fact that Blackwell is rather small, word travels quickly. This, of course, includes bad and good words, so be sure that the news about you traveling is good. Spend time getting to know the people that come into your shop so that they spend time talking to the people they know about you.

No matter which method of advertising you choose, it is obvious that even in a small town like Blackwell, free advertising is available. Free advertising is free in cost, but it is not free in time, so be sure to dedicate a decent amount of your time to advertising your business!