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What is Netiquette? A Guide


First to understand the rules of netiquette you need to know what it is. Netiquette is the term for all the generally accepted rules of etiquette that are expected to be used while on the internet, or communicating on the internet. Netiquette isn’t used with friendly conversations amongst friends, but is used in more formal letters to other business men and women, and used while communicating with these men in business chats, etc. So, if you’re a business man or women then you should get to know these rules now, since a huge percentage of business is conducted online.


Simple Rules. There are quite a lot of netiquette rules so I will only be filling you in on some of them. First, one of the most important is to watch how you type. If you are typing in all caps the person receiving the message could take your message offensively, or could think you’re mad or yelling. But this doesn’t mean type in all lower case letters either. Lowercase letters could be taken as not caring. You need to type as if the letter was a report with properly cased letters. Also, when replying to a question online, make sure you answer in a former way, using part of the original context of the question. This will make it so there is no confusion when multiple questions are asked. One wrong answer, even by accident could cause you to lose a business deal. Another big rule, that doesn’t apply to just business, but the entire internet is, be careful with what you say. Express your ideas clearly in posts and messages so that the message can’t be taken in any other way. These messages can all be forwarded and come back to haunt you, if you said the wrong thing, so just watch what you say. You don’t want one message ruining your whole career. These rules are some of the most important but more basic, so try to learn and use these. Continue reading What is Netiquette? A Guide