Are Online Businesses the Answer to Americas Job Crisis?

Many of us have been affected by the downward spiral of employment opportunities at some point over the past few years. It has been financially, mentally and physically draining on those directly impacted by this crisis. While, the employment rate seems to be slowly rising, it isn’t necessarily curing the fear of not having longevity in any place of employment.

When any person gets laid off from a job right now, there isn’t any security knowing that there will be another equally paying job waiting from them two weeks down the road. There’s not even a guaranty of a job a couple of months down the road. While unemployment benefits have been and are very helpful, they don’t pay a full salary or benefits, which can be a real hardship on most Americans. Unemployment benefits weren’t created to support a family, they were created as a bridge for those in between jobs for a few weeks period of time. Unfortunately, in today’s society, people are being forced to live off of the small checks they receive from the unemployment office making life very challenging.

When you are laid off from a job, you feel helpless and as if your lives are in the hands of the employment Gods. You could find a job tomorrow, or you could find a job in 6 months, and It’s sadly not your control. Is there a solution to this problem? Well, it depends on how motivated you are to beat the system.

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Unfortunately, I was in this situation. I got laid off from a job I had been at for four years and it came as quite a shock to me. After I took the news, sat with it and pondered my next move, a light bulb started flashing above my head. I decided that I wasn’t going to let the economic crisis take me down.

The position I had just been laid off from was as a graphic designer. I knew I was more then capable of continuing my career, but on my own seemed a little risky. Although, with my positive thinking, I felt as though I was given an opportunity rather then a curse, and I ran with it. I built my website, developed my online portfolio, marketed my services on all social media outlets, Craigslist, as well as other classifieds and I slowly started building a clientele. After a few months of building my freelance business, I was actually becoming financially stable on my own. I was my own boss, and I had no fear of being let go, because I was in control of how hard I worked to continue my income.

Start an online business.

Everyone specializes in something, and it’s typically whatever they’re previous position was. Whether you were in accounting, marketing, human resources, sales, web design, information technology or administration, there is plenty of virtual space for your personal online start up business. Just because your skills are no longer needed at your previous place of employment, does not mean that there aren’t many other small businesses out there who could desperately use your skills. Many small companies are constantly looking to outsource work that they might not be skilled in, or can’t afford to hire an actual full time employee. This is where you’d come in handy. You can bundle up a few of these types of clients, work your desired hours, manage your work flow and be in charge of your own income.

The hardest part about being self employed is the motivation. No one will be there to clock you in or tell you, you’ve done well or tell you that you’ve done poorly. You won’t have reviews, but you will have the benefit of giving yourself a raise when you push the envelope and work just a little bit harder.

The best part is, there are only a few steps you need to take to make this happen:

  1. Have a website built and designed to support your services – Websites will be your biggest marketing tool, and possibly the only expense you have in starting an organic online home business. Make sure you display your services, and make sure you check out your competition in order to rise above them in quality and price.
  2. Have a marketing plan to announce your services – There are so many opportunities for free marketing online. Take advantage of social networking, online classifieds, freelance job boards, and blogging.
  3. Never get ahead of yourself, and never bite off more then you can chew – There is nothing better then closing on your first deal, but it can be very tricky to keep yourself grounded and not go off thinking that maybe you are under charging or being to generous with your offerings. Another common fallback is taking on far too many customers or clients at the same time. You won’t be able to deliver the quality of service your promising, and the likely hood of “word of mouth” supporting your growing business, will start declining. It’s important to keep your expectations in check, and to grow at a steady pace.

While it takes time and effort to start and maintain an online business, the opportunities are endless. Even if you feel that a new position at a new company might be a better idea for you, there is no harm in having a small side business that allows you to have a little extra income and a plan to fall back on in the non-committal work force that Americans are fearful of today.

Having a back-up plan is the best type of plan you can have to fight the worries of an unstable job market. Let One27 Studios help you create your own small online business to have as your own personal income insurance.