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Are Online Businesses the Answer to Americas Job Crisis?

Many of us have been affected by the downward spiral of employment opportunities at some point over the past few years. It has been financially, mentally and physically draining on those directly impacted by this crisis. While, the employment rate seems to be slowly rising, it isn’t necessarily curing the fear of not having longevity in any place of employment.

When any person gets laid off from a job right now, there isn’t any security knowing that there will be another equally paying job waiting from them two weeks down the road. There’s not even a guaranty of a job a couple of months down the road. While unemployment benefits have been and are very helpful, they don’t pay a full salary or benefits, which can be a real hardship on most Americans. Unemployment benefits weren’t created to support a family, they were created as a bridge for those in between jobs for a few weeks period of time. Unfortunately, in today’s society, people are being forced to live off of the small checks they receive from the unemployment office making life very challenging. Continue reading Are Online Businesses the Answer to Americas Job Crisis?