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So, You Want to Sell on Ebay

Never before has it been so easy to have your own startup company on eBay. The basic idea behind eBay is simple: Have a product, sell it and generate good customer feedback so that more people will come.

It sounds simple enough, but eBay is not a new business concept anymore. The other businesses (your competition) have gotten savvier when it comes to selling and the buyers are getting just as picky as regular customers in traditional brick and mortar stores. Thus, sloppiness will not garner you any respect on this online auction website.

Instead, the same rules that apply to traditional businesses apply online to eBay stores and sellers. This is why it is a good idea to possibly review a few startup tips so that you get off on the right foot. It does not matter if you intend to sell only a few items every now and then, or if you have grand plans to start your own business on eBay. The same tips will help you get from startup to success in no time.

First of all, if you want to sell on eBay, it is a good idea to figure out what you want to sell. People have a tendency to think that if they stick a picture of something online, people will bid on it and they will be able to make a large amount of money in less than two weeks. The truth is that you have got to be smarter about what you want to sell.

Ebay now has tools that allow you to do research on what items are selling well on Ebay as well as what prices they are currently selling for. It would be a good idea to review that information before deciding you want to sell something on eBay.

Selling on eBay.

You need to think like business person and look at what the competition is selling and what they are doing. Many people use catchy photographs and headlines to get people to look at what they are selling. You will need to do the same.

Remember, while there are millions of buyers on eBay, there are also millions of sellers wanting to do the same thing as you.

Once you have narrowed your focus on what to sell, take a photo (against a white background is best). Do not attempt to clutter your photos with scenery and other distractions. It will not make your item more appealing than other people’s items.

To go with your photograph, you will need to write a catchy headline. Gimmicks such as exclamation points and all capital letters are unprofessional so do not use those. Also, remember that brevity is best. Be as concise as possible on your explanations of things while also being specific.

Bidding is not an exact science and neither is pricing, but many people suggest starting at 99 cents. Pricing is completely up to you and it may take a few trial sales before you get the hang of things.

In the end, being nice will get you far on eBay. Customer service is a must if you want people to think positively of your eBay business entity. Plus, if you are nice, you will get more feedback and other buyers will end up trusting you.

Starting a business is not as simple as a short column like this one. However, some of these basic tips are good starting off points to get you on your way to being an entrepreneur.